Child found wandering Tucson streets

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It's one thing to see a stray dog wandering around your neighborhood. It's another thing to see a wandering baby. That's what happened in one Tucson neighborhood Wednesday.

It was an interesting day for a group of Tucsonans on East 28th Street near Chrysler.

"She walked by the front here a couple times." Jeff Shaw came to work this morning, expecting to continue his work on Emilia Gallardo's house. Things changed around 9:00 Wednesday morning. A 2-year-old baby girl was found walking in front of Gallardo's house, all alone, crying, "And barefoot and dirty.  From what we understand, she walked down the allies and was walking up and down the streets for over an hour."

"We gave her water and she gave her a cookie and that was about it. We just waited for the police to come."

"I got on the phone, called the police department. They came out about 15 minutes later."

Police say the little girl lived on East Sylvane Street, which is just South of 28th. They can't say exactly which house she came from, but they say she left her house sometime after her grandmother left her with a teenage relative while running an errand.

Jeff Shaw knows accidents happen, but seeing a baby wandering the streets made him feel, uncomfortable, "No, there's no excuse for that. None."

Police don't yet know who's responsible for little girl leaving the house, so no citations have been issued. But the investigation is ongoing.

The little girl did have to be transported to the hospital to be checked out, but she's Ok.