Store closes after taking couple's money

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A Valley couple say they are out $600 and it turns out they're not the only ones.

The couple handed over $600 to a business called USA Baby. The couple say it was a down payment for a crib set. The company took money not only from the couple but a lot of other folks as well and after taking the money, they closed up.

Brandon and Bethany Holtzman will soon add a new member to their family.

"We're about to deliver a baby boy on Sunday," Bethany said.

"I was so excited, every man wants a boy," Brandon said.

And a big part in preparing for their new baby boy was to purchase a crib to fill the room.

"We had to buy all new stuff for the boy and start all over and that's how we ended up at USA Baby," Bethany said.

USA Baby is a business that specializes in baby goods and it's where Brandon and Bethany say they found the crib and dresser for their new bundle of joy.

"The crib set was over $1,200 and they required half of the down payment to order it, which they said would take 10 to 12 weeks," Brandon said.

After paying more than $600 and waiting those 12 weeks, nothing showed up, so the couple decided to drive by USA Baby.

"We called for about two days and then I had my husband drive by and that's when there was a letter up saying they had gone out of business," Bethany said. "We have two weeks before our baby's coming and what are we going to do?"

3 On Your Side went to USA Baby, which was in fact closed down with a landlord's lien notice on the door.

Now, we found out USA Baby is run by John and Renee Walston so a 3 On Your Side producer went to the couple's Glendale home for answers.

After asking us to put our camera down, Renee told 3 On Your Side that the economy forced her and her husband to shut down USA Baby.

"We did not want to close our store," Renee said. "We were kind of forced to because the economy. People weren't buying like they used to. We have a loan we have to pay too and we have a landlord that wouldn't work with us."

But when 3 On Your Side asked about all the money they took for orders, Renee didn't have an answer and told us we would have to talk to her husband.

In a statement to 3 On Your side, John Walston told us, "We never intended for any of this to happen, but unfortunately what we thought were just a couple of bad weeks, lingered on."

He goes on to say:

"Regarding the specific question of bankruptcy, we are currently in the process of evaluating our options with an attorney."

That's not good news for Bethany and Brandon and any other couples who left money with USA Baby.

"We had to just start all over, I mean I was just so distraught, so upset," Bethany said.

"I say to this company, shame on you," Brandon said.

A good rule of thumb is if you ever order anything, use your credit card. That way, if a company goes out of business or you never get what you ordered, you can dispute the charge and your credit card company should give you your money back.