Hottest day of the year expected today, some relief ahead

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PHOENIX -- It's going to be a hot one today, likely the hottest day of the year so far.

We're forecasting 111 degrees for today, and it won't cool off too much overnight. Expect 73 to 83 degrees. Plan on 110 tomorrow, and then a slight drop for the weekend. We'll be back around our seasonal average of 106 degrees, and we'll hover in that range into the next week ahead.

Ozone alert in effect for Phoenix area on Thursday

A high pollution advisory for ozone is in effect for the Phoenix area Thursday.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality says it's the second such alert issued this year.

The department says already elevated readings of ground-level ozone are being exacerbated by intense sunlight, little wind, high
temperatures and possibly some ozone coming from California.

Consequences of the alert include prohibitions on residents and businesses from burning wood in fireplaces, wood stoves or outdoor fire pits.

Officials recommend that children and adults with respiratory problems avoid outdoor activities after noon on Thursday. They also suggest that the general public limit outdoor activity during the afternoon. That's when ozone concentrations will peak.