Two teachers on hand when Ironwood high school student drowns could face charges

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GLENDALE, Ariz. - Two coaches from Ironwood High School could face child abuse charges after the drowning of a student last month.

The county attorney will be reviewing the case and deciding if they will move forward with charges.

According to police more than 50 kids were swimming and two coaches were supervising, yet still one sophomore managed to drown.

Students reported seeing Jesse hanging off the north diving board.

The student who jumped into rescue Jesse said it was four to five minutes from the time he first saw Jesse hanging on the edge of the pool to when he saw him on the bottom of the pool.

According to police reports Jesse's PE coach Tim McKee and other students knew he didn’t know how to swim very well, but no one knows why he would venture into the deep end of the pool.

The police report said McKee reportedly looked for a float board at the start of class, but none were available.

The coaches are both CPR certified teachers but are not certified lifeguards.

Parents said they were assured he would be watched while participating in pool activities.

The police report indicated there were no signs of trauma to the head or body and the death was ruled an accident.