Davis-Monthan airmen turned renovators

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They're used to being in the air or in combat, but Tuesday, service men and women from Davis-Monthan Air Force base took on another challenge-- helping renovate a school.

They're as efficient as a moving company.

"We've been moving a bunch of furniture from class room to class room."

The former Ocotillo elementary school is transitioning into a community center for pre-schoolers and families. That change is requiring a lot of heavy lifting, so school officials turned to airmen from Davis-Monthan.

"We are so grateful that they are here, some of the things were doing probably wouldn't have been done till October or November, December when the kids come to school and started class," says Ocotillo Special Education Teacher Stefanie Gonzales.

So from one class room to the next, from one side of the playground to the other side, Davis-Monthan troops arrived bright and early to get the jobs done.

"This is something that as soon as I heard about it I thought it was a neat opportunity."  Helping Octillo is nothing new for Matthew McManus, he spent a lot of time last year reading to and playing with the kids, "We kind of adopted this school as a community service project, identified it as a place that needed help."

"Them just being here and being helpful to us is beautiful and wonderful and a great part of our community," says Stefanie Gonzales.

When school opens in August, teachers will welcome in new students and students will see refurbished school thanks to men and women out of uniform today.

"It does so much for you for the way that you think about other people and realize there are people in need and you can do something for them, it makes everything better for everyone."