Keeping your ID safe on vacation

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Before you jump on board that ship for a cruise or hit the air for your big summer vacation, think about keeping your identity safe.

"You can have ID theft not just by having the card physically lifted, but someone at a restaurant or someone in some other retail situation," said Janet Ray, AAA.

A recent survey by the group shows that 40 percent of travelers aren't concerned about identity theft while vacationing. So here are some tips.

First, call your bank before taking off.

"Let those credit card companies know that you're going abroad or on a trip so they don't see unusual activity that they don't put a hold on credit, either," she said.

Also, keep a copy of all your travel documents on a password-protected thumb drive.

Finally, use a credit card and not a debit card on vacation purchases. That way the bank's money is at risk and not yours.

"Just take those extra steps, it will certainly save you a lot of trouble later."

There's more: Take only the credit cards you need and if you need a safe during a hotel stay, do not use the the one in your room, use the hotel's safe instead.

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