Get deals every day in your 'in box'

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"I think everyone is looking for a good deal and I think especially families are trying to cut corners wherever they can,” Valley mom Linda Obele said.

When it comes to saving money Obele is all about finding a good deal. She is always on the lookout for coupons in the newspaper, but now a new website may be her favorite.

“It’s so easy,” Obele said. “It's a matter of signing up very simply and you get an e-mail alert everyday and you click on that and it takes you right to the site and you can purchase it.”
The website is called Doozy of a Deal.

“It's a deal of a day website where we provide a unique deal to all of our subscribers on a daily basis by e-mail,” Dean Barness said. “Our feature deal is 24 hours and our weekend deal, which is usually restaurant deals, will run for the whole weekend. We also offer mini deals, so often will move our main deal to the mini deal, but we have a timer on our site to tell you how long the deal is up for.”

Barness is the co-owner of the site. People can find as much as 50 percent to 80 percent savings on everything from restaurants to massages. But Valley businesses and consumers aren't the only ones benefitting.

“Let's offer a great way for consumers and local communities to save money and local businesses to generate business for them, keep them afloat and at the same time raise money for schools and organizations that need funding,” Barness said.

Actually driving revenue to schools and organizations is why Barness and his wife created the website.
“When they make a purchase, we identify that subscriber’s purchase with 7.5 percent of that purchase going back to that organization or school,” Barness continued.

In almost four months since launching, more than 50 businesses have signed up. It’s a unique concept that drew in local restaurant owner Eddie Matney.

“I thought it was it was a great deal because it not only helps our business, but part of that proceeds goes to whatever cause you want it to go to,” Matney said.

As for Obele, shopping on the website is definitely money well spent.

“You get a smoking deal at places you want to try or that you might patronize anyway and then somebody else gets the benefit of your shopping spree,” Oblee said.