Pima Animal Care bargains

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During summer, the number of cats and dogs left without a home sky rockets. And that means animal shelters can get over crowded.

The Pima Animal Care center is pushing the envelope when it comes to getting these pets adopted and their hoping a new initiative will save them.

"Last year we did about 8,700 adoptions, redemptions and rescues," But even though numbers don't seem large enough to keep the kennels at the Pima Animal Care center empty.

Justin Gallick wants that to change, "Our goal for the first year is to hit 10,000 animals saved."

Right now, Pima Animal Care has sent home more than 9,700 dogs and cats. They want to reach that 10,000 mark by the end of July, "We're really close and we decided to do a promotion and here all adoptions be $10 plus license."

Everything you see at the shelter, dogs, puppies, cats and kittens, all 10 bucks. It's a sacrifice they're willing to make to prevent the alternative.

"That's the hardest that as a community we have to deal with, there's so many animals out there and right now.  Our goal is to dwindle down the animals that have to be euthanized and get to a point where we can save all of them," says Gallick.

While 10,000 is their goal this year, Justin would like to see that number keep increasing year after year, "This is what we want to continue to push the bar. 10,000 this year, hopefully push it up to 11,000."

All in hope of preventing the alternative.