L.A. seeks exception to Arizona boycott; Road construction; Pima sidewalks; Campus gas leak

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The Los Angeles city council passed a boycott last month over Arizona's new immigration law, but now they may approve an exception to the rule.

The Los Angeles Police Department is asking for a 10-month extension for their contract with American Traffic Solutions.

That's the Scottsdale-based red light camera company also used in parts of the valley.

The city council will consider the LAPD's request at their meeting Tuesday.


Some good road construction news, one project wrapping up. Crews are finishing the pavement preservation project using rubberized asphalt.

The project stretched from 12th avenue to the rail road tracks on 29th street. Workers were laying down the permanent striping Monday. 

ADOT got the money through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


A viewer tipped off Fox 11 to the potentially dangerous buckled sidewalks along Pima, and the city responded to our coverage by deciding to re-do those sidewalks.

City crews were out there all day Monday removing concrete and re-framing the sidewalks. They'll most likely begin pouring concrete Wednesday.

Because of the number of spots that buckled, it could be about a two-week project.


An intense moment at the U of A Monday. A small gas leak caught the attention of Tucson Fire and campus police along 6th Street just before noon.

Apparently a piece of equipment cut through a gas line during work on the freshman dorms. No one was evacuated and Southwest Gas was called to stop the leak.