KMSB "Nogales SCC Profiles," Thursday-Friday, 7/8/10-7/9/10, 6:55 AM

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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Allison Moore, Fresh Produce Assn. of the Americas,  says Mexico is a country that enjoys plenty of sunshine, precipitation, fertile soil and a variety of growing regions. On Thursday's show, she says that makes Mexico an ideal place for the cultivation of a huge variety of fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables. She says the typical “growing season starts in September and runs through April, although some items, such as tomatoes, are grown year-round.  She says because of the long growing season, Mexico supplies an average of 66% of mango imports into the U.S.

During Friday's discussion, Moore says the FPAA has grown to become one of the most influential agricultural groups in the United States. She says FPAA provides a powerful voice for improvement and sustainability, serving the needs of more than 100 North American companies involved in the growth, harvest, marketing, import, and distribution of Mexican produce. Moore says the group recently saved importers nearly $1 billion by leading an effort that eliminated high duties on Mexican tomatoes.