Self defense 101

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Exercise comes in many shapes and sizes, so to speak.  Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time in the gym training with weights and cardio, my comfort zone!  Every once in a while I may go for a hike in the Arizona mountains or stay close to home and take the dog for a long walk.  Back in my high school days, wrestling was a large part of how I stayed in shape (or got into shape in the first place for that matter)!  If you find that you just can’t stand to workout, maybe the “workout” you’re taking part in, isn’t for you.  Remember that health and fitness is lifestyle change that should be a part of your life forever so find activities that will keep you engaged for a lifetime! 

“Remember that health and fitness is lifestyle change that should be a part of your life forever!”
I find it funny how in a community where we shield our children from violence on TV and rated “R” movies that parents are quick to enroll their children into martial arts studios as young as 3 years old!  On the surface, it would seem that all we are doing is enforcing violent tendencies by teaching our children how to fight.  In reality, much more comes from a structured martial arts program than meets the eye.

“In reality, much more comes from a structured martial arts program than meets the eye.”
Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai are only but a few of the different forms of martial arts out there.  MMA (mixed martial arts) is a combination of multiple forms of martial arts, taking the best of each and like a hybrid, has mutated into one of the deadliest and most watched sports on the planet.  UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is probably the most widely recognized MMA organization and has grown tremendously over the last decade.    Aside from MMA teaching you to be self-sufficient in way of self-defense, MMA also teaches us discipline, self-respect, independence and is by far one of the best cardiovascular workouts out there.  Here are a few of the benefits that come with training or practicing MMA:

1.) Self Defense:   The obvious benefit is being able to defend yourself if trouble ever arises.  There may come a time in your life when you will have to physically defend yourself or a loved one.  Whether it is a fight or any other physical altercation that can lead up to fight, MMA training will, without a doubt, give you an edge over someone who hasn’t trained or isn’t prepared to defend your, new found skills!

2.) Exercise:  MMA training can almost be deceiving when you think if it as physical activity.  How hard can throwing a few punches and kicks or wrestling around be?  Most of us aren’t kids anymore and believe me; this will be far from what you may remember as children playing in the yard!  Expect to burn 500 plus calories in just a one hour MMA training class!  With varying degrees of intensity that can range from mild to extremely intense, MMA training will definitely prove to be a challenge and will give you a workout like never before.  If you judge a good workout by how much you sweat, bring a towel!

3.) Mind and Body Connection:  You can work out in variety of ways but with MMA training, you get a better sense of well-being.  You will know just how far you can push yourself, and not to mention, how far you can push others!  Being mentally more alert and stronger physically, you may as well say goodbye to old insecurities.  Even after just a few sessions of MMA training, you will start to feel and see the difference taking place inside and out.  You will find yourself feeling more energetic, having an increase in stamina, better focus and so much more.  You may even find that those last 10lbs that have been so hard to lose, melt off after just a few weeks of training!

So if you’re an avid gym goer and want to spice up your workouts, or if you’re one that it takes a bit extra to get you off your rump, I would highly recommend stopping into your local MMA studio for a trial session or inquire at your local gym for MMA style group fit classes.  Most MMA studios will let you train a few sessions free and will even offer trial memberships to those interested in participating long term.