Monster truck accident at Tucson Rodeo Grounds; Semi truck fire; Deadbeat dad totals

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A 33-year-old man was taken to the hospital Saturday night during the monster truck show at the Tucson Rodeo Grounds.

According to Tucson Fire the man was standing near a wall on the west side of the arena when one of the trucks backed into him and pinned him against a wall.

The man's wife called 911.


Traffic was backed up on I-10 Sunday afternoon after a semi caught fire.

3 families were moving from California to Texas when the moving truck went up in flames a little before 11:30 near the Pinal Air Park Road exit in Marana.

Northwest Fire says the semi's brakes over heated and the trailer caught fire. No one was injured.


We've got the totals from Saturday's Dodging Daddies round-up.

Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies were out all day Saturday picking up suspects with warrants for dodging their child-support payments.

In total, 27 men and six women were taken into custody.

The suspect who owed the most money in child support owed nearly $175,000. Sheriff Joe Arpaio started his deadbeat parent roundups back in 1998.