Body of Sierra Vista soldier returned home

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The body of Army Specialist Christian Adams who died in Kandahar, Afghanistan more than a week ago was returned home Sunday.

The sierra vista soldier was flown into Fort Huachuca.

"We're receiving his remains back from the battlefield and this is a special day we want to honor his actions honor his service. This is just a solemn occasion a sad occasion when a hometown soldier comes home," says Major General John Custer, U.S. Army.

Specialist Adams was received with full military honors.

On hand to escort him were military personal, family members, and the Patriot Guard Riders.

"Its an honor for me to be out here today. Its a real tragedy when we lose a soldier specially when he's on active duty. He's given his life for his country so there's nothing for me to give him my time and the honor that he deserves," says Joseph Otero of the Patriot Guard Riders.

Since March, Adams was in Afghanistan as part of the 20th Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Brigade out of Fort Hood, Texas. He died on June 11th from a non-combat related incident.

Sunday the soldier's body was returned to his family.

"I have done a number of funerals for soldiers who were killed in action, there's nothing more emotionally draining, then a funeral like this and when we transfer the body to the family you can see how emotional an occasion it is," says Major General Custer.

The Sierra Vista native was only 26-years-old. He graduated from Buena High School and was well know in the community.

"Christian grew up in this community, he was an alter boy in the church from where he will be buried from on Tuesday. His father is a retired Sergeant Major, his stepfather works here at Fort Huachuca, a long term military army family."

Adams leaves behind a wife Donna and a 2-year-old daughter Faith.

The death of Specialist Adams is under investigation. His funeral will be on Tuesday at the main post chapel at Fort Huachuca.