Senator Pearce received signatures supporting SB 1070

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PHOENIX - Arizona's controversial new immigration law is set to take effect in just about a month.

That's also when the federal government plans to slap Arizona with a lawsuit.

Friday was an eventful day as far as Arizona’s controversial anti-illegal immigration measure is concerned; national praise for the author of SB 1070, confirmation the feds will sue because of it and the attorney general saying he will not represent the state.

Today the author of SB 1070 Senator Russell Pearce received a stack of signatures from Internet petitions on two conservative grass roots web sites, and, in support of Arizona and SB 1070.

“Hey Arizona we stand with you, we agree with what you’re doing and even though you have people standing against you and you have people calling you racists we right here, we don’t agree with that,” said Darla Dawald with

The petitions contain more than 126,000 signatures and were presented today to the Mesa senator.

It appears Senator Pearce and his allies do not have the Department of Justice on their side as it appears a suit will be filed against Arizona.

It’s now been confirmed the suit will be filed within a month and that news drew an angry response from Senator Pearce.

“Somehow they would think the law is unconstitutional,” he said. “The law of the land, it’s been the law of the land for 50 years this is the most amazing thing in the world, do you think Arizona made illegal, illegal actually folks illegal was already illegal.”

Pearce anticipates the next court battle he will fight will be over his intent to introduce legislation challenging the 14th Amendment of the Constitution which automatically grants citizenship to babies born in the United States, but whose parents are undocumented.

“It’s illegal to enter and illegal to remain under federal law yet we give you the greatest inducement to break our laws declaring your child a citizen,” he said. “To those who are here illegally, who have broken our laws. Folks you tell me where the common sense is there. It’s an abuse.”   

Late Friday, Attorney General Terry Goddard issued a release saying he would not represent the state in any legal action regarding SB 1070. He cites the governor’s unwillingness to work with his office which he says will lead to a costly and distracting fight over legal representation.