Child nearly drowns in bucket of cleaning water

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PHOENIX - Crews responded to a near-drowning in Phoenix on Friday and this time a pool was not involved.

Investigators with Phoenix fire say a one-year-old girl fell into a bucket of water and bleach her mother was using to clean.

"What we know is somehow the child had fallen face first into a mop bucket that was being used to mop the floors and was unattended at that time,” said Scott Walker with the Phoenix Fire Department. “The mother found the child in the bucket, started screaming, grabbed the child and carried her out of the apartment. We had neighbors who saw what was going on, they rushed over luckily one of the neighbors had learned CPR."

The child's current condition is unknown, but she is expected to survive.

She may also have sustained burns or internal injuries from the bleach. Her recovery could be more difficult if she took in any bleach.