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Makeup by Heather - Heat Proof Makeup Tips
For information on the makeup suggestions presented by Heather Wilson or to book an appointment call 602-750-2379 or visit

Vital Solutions MD - Entire Family Nutritional Lifestyle Modifications  
When a person or a couple signs up for the Vital Solutions MD program, the knowledge they gain will benefit the entire family in so many ways. First, it is much easier to be successful if everyone is on board with the changes. As everyone sees the changes happening in their lives, the excitement grows and success snowballs. Secondly, the nutritional guidance given by our nutritionists helps even the youngest members of the family learn to eat right and be healthier. Elite 12 week program for YLAZ viewers is $200 off and for an additional family member that does the Elite program, you can take off an additional $100. For information on the Scottsdale location call 480- 477-6334.  For Mesa location call 480-289-3690. Visit them on the web at

Chef Barb Fenzl, Les Gourmettes Cooking School
>>View Chef Barb’s recipe for Refrigerator Cumin Rolls.
Dr. Theresa Ramsey, N.M.D., The Center for Natural Healing
For more information call 480-970-0077 or visit

To Fix It - Closet Factory
For more information visit or call 602-TO FIX IT

Sherry Kline, Make-It-Yourself Mom
>>View Sherry Kline's article Heal a Friend, Heal Yourself