Tucson murder suspect surrenders at border

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TUCSON -- The suspect in a weekend murder is now behind bars after turning herself in at the U.S. Mexico border.

"We have been actively looking for her, been in contact with family members," says Sgt. Diana Lopez of the Tucson Police Department.

Investigators have been tracking down suspected killer 22-year-old Ilene Ybave all week. Detectives say she was running from the law, hiding out in Mexico.

"She was scared. She's very young and she seemed scared," says Sergio Murueta from the Federal Public Defender's Office.

That all changed Thursday.

"I do know she turned herself in at the Lukeville port of entry.  She was transported to the Pima County Jail on her warrant for first degree murder," explains Sgt. Lopez.

Detectives say Ybave shot and killed 29-year-old Israel Fierro early Sunday morning.  Officers say it all started with a fight.  "So they were acquaintances prior to this. there was an altercation an argument that started that led to a physical altercation that led to the shooting."

Sergio Murueta, an investigator with the Federal Public Defender's Office, says Ybave's family called him early Thursday morning, saying the 22-year-old suspect missed her children and wanted to stop hiding from police, "The person that contacted me was scared and nervous for her. "

When Ybave re-entered the U.S.. She was arrested without incident. Police say this is a rare case. Once someone crosses the border. It's usually a tough task to find them. "We're working more and more with customs, different agencies in hopes but of course once they go to another country it's much harder to get them then if your looking for them locally."