RTA in dispute with City of Tucson

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A public dispute has erupted between the Regional Transportation Authority and the City of Tucson. The RTA had concerns about the costs of several upcoming projects and decided to suspend funding so they could review those projects. The city didn't like how that was handled.

Traffic on grant road today goes two lanes in each direction.

One day, the road will be wider, thanks to Pima county voters who approved the regional transportation authority plan four years ago.

While voters said yes to the construction, they didn't approve the details.

That's why the city hosts public meetings to get input on the planning and design before construction begins.

The RTA, meanwhile, says enough with the planning.

RTA Executive Director Gary Hayes sent a letter to the RTA board members-- which includes the City of Tucson-- two weeks ago, saying he wants to temporarily suspend funding on several major projects.

The City of Tucson expressed reservations because Tucson didn't want to lose momentum on 5 major RTA projects.

Tuesday, the city council voted to use impact fees to keep those projects , including grant road, moving forward.

The council had concerns the suspended funding would delay construction.

The city also had issues with whether Hayes could use his authority to suspend funding on those projects.

He admits the board could take corrective action if they deem it appropriate.