Story of a personal hero who sacrificed their life to save a friend

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PHOENIX - A motorcycle accident left a Phoenix-area woman with serious head injuries, but she said her riding partner saved her from death giving up his own life instead.

“Phil is my hero he saved Angie,” Edward Carafa said. “If not for Phil, Angie would not be here.”

Friends mourning the loss of of Phil Ferino, better known as Pappy, also celebrate the recovery of Angie Gonsoski.

Phil was driving and Angie was on the back of his bike on their way home from Mesa last April when they were cut off and ultimately crashed.

Angie was thrown off the bike fracturing her skull and hand.

Comatose for three weeks she survived five surgeries, even having part of her skull removed to relieve the swelling.

“I'm feeling good I don't feel this missing unless I put my hand up there,” Angie said. “I feel really good and I'm grateful to be alive.”

Grateful to god and Phil, because while down on the ground in the middle of the street Phil directed traffic trying to protect Angie from oncoming cars and was hit and killed himself.

His selflessness didn’t surprise anyone.

“To me he didn't die for nothing I knew she was going to survive because I knew Pappy would make sure of that in more ways than one,” Pam Musler said.

The single mother of two's recovery has been nothing short of a miracle.

“I just need to take life slowly right now and let my body repair,” Angie said.

Out of work and facing more surgeries, friends are rallying to support Angie and her two boys by holding a benefit Saturday June 26 at Smokey's Bar and Grill in Mesa. The event starts at 10am and is $10.00 per person. All proceeds collected go to Angie and her boys.

Any questions, please e-mail “NYTRO” at or call 602-722-3547.