Make money for your summer vacation with Gold Stash for Cash

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We all know that times are tough, but did you know that the tangled up or broken jewelry that's just sitting in your jewelry box could put some much-needed cash in your pocket?

Selling gold is big thing right now. When Queen of Clean Linda Cobb decided to sell some of her old jewelry, she went to Gold Stash for Cash.

"I did what a good Queen of Clean does," she explained. "I cleaned out my jewelry box and took all of my old jewelry, my gold and my silver, to Gold Stash for Cash. I took it to some other people first, and determined that Gold Stash for Cash was the most honest and gave me the most for my gold."

Gold Stash for Cash doesn't just by gold. They buy silver and platinum, as well as other pieces, said Chris Bussing.

"We started out as a jewelry store," Bussing said. "We're a third-generation jewelry store as Walt's Jewelers. We've been in Arizona for 54 years. We don't just buy these items to melt them down, but we actually have the ability to re-sell them in out store if we can breathe life back into them."

"We're looking at things from many generations," said Doug Liebman, an expert estate jewelry buyer. "We have the means of determining what real values there are, what markets there are."

The jewelries are becoming more and more popular.

"When can you invite people to come to your house and not buy things?" Linda said. "With this, you have a great party ... and your friends bring their old jewelry and sell it, and walk away with money. And you do, too, because you get a percentage of everything that's sold."

You just might be surprised at the value of what's in your jewelry box.

If you're interested in learning about your jewelry and making some money, it's worth your time to visit a local Gold Stash for Cash because if you mention the Queen of Clean, you'll receive a 5 percent premium.

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