Violent deaths mounting in Tucson

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Four homicides in seven days. The latest one happened Wednesday morning. A body was found in the lakeside park.

Jaime Urias goes to lakeside park almost everyday. When he heard a woman's body had been found inside the lake, he was shocked, "I was just tripping man because this is a cool little neighborhood. There's a lot of families that come here. So you got the lake so its just like a nice little community right here."

Someone in the community discovered Vanessa Romero's body around five Wednesday morning while walking along the lake.

"From my understanding that she was found very close to the shore and the officers only had to take two or three steps into the water to be able to retrieve her, to try and get her back out of the water," says Officer Charles Rydzak of the Tucson Police Department.

Police say she had her purse with her. She was a teenager-- only 18-years old. After further investigation, they determined her death wasn't an accident. "She was pronounced dead at the scene and she has obvious signs of trauma," explains Rydzak.

Romero's is one of four homicide cases in the last seven days police are trying to solve.

On Thursday the body of Sandra Stevens was found. Police have charged Francisco Romero with first degree murder.
Also on Thursday, 39-year-old Thomas Piazza was shot and killed at Chick-fil-A on Oracle. A man walked up to him and shot him in the head inside the restaurant and fled on a bike. Investigators haven't yet found the shooter. They're now waiting for DNA results and reviewing surveillance video.

And on Sunday, Israel Fierro was killed at an apartment complex on west El Rio drive. Police are looking for Ilene Ybave, the main suspect in the case.

As for Vanessa Romero, police don't have much to go on.  "We don't have any witness information or suspect information we do know that there's evidence at the scene that let us know it is a homicide."

If you have any information about any of the homicides please call 911 or 88-CRIME.