Team Training

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In the last decade, I’ve taken thousands of gym goers through fitness assessments where I not only critique various areas of their fitness expectations, but their lives.  My role is to aid in their transition to a long term, healthy lifestyle.  One area I take for granted and feel is a “no brainer” is prioritizing my day so that I NEVER miss a workout (rest days excluded ;).  I, however, have no excuse for it’s easy to get a workout in when you work at the gym!  So I give kudos to all who work their 8-plus hours per day and still manage to make it in the gym on a consistent basis!  An analogy I use frequently when insisting that fitness be a long term strategy and top priority is I explain a child’s first day of kindergarten.   In most cases, the child’s fear of the unknown clouds their ability to think rationally (“rationally” relative for a 5 yr old!) and the child refuses the new lifestyle…at first!  With parental insistence and adult guidance within the classroom, the child begins to except that kindergarten is just another priority in their life just as the gym is to those.     

I’ve said it before that there are 3 areas we as trainers do for our clients.  We motivate.  We educate.  We hold you accountable.  Like a child taking to his first year of kindergarten, what “motivates” that child to want to go back day after day?  Was it that great history lesson that was taught by the teacher about George Washington?  If it was you may have a prodigy on your hands!  Being that the education usually isn’t the motivating factor for a child to WANT to go to school; a child grows comfortable and confident in their surroundings by the camaraderie that the group brings to the table.  Knowing that others like themselves will be in class, just as they are, day after day, makes it easier to do the things that may not be “fun” at that moment.  Remember my saying, “Hate it while you do it.  Love it when you’re done!”  A friend or a group can make or break your motivation in all areas of life.  Whether you take group fitness classes, partake in boot camp programs or workout out with a friend, all of the above help to hold us accountable to areas we may not be so diligent in when doing it ourselves.  When trying to live a healthy lifestyle, having positive influences around you can help you make it through those gym doors on a consistent basis!  When all else fails and you find that the couch is becoming a better friend than the Bosu ball, talk to your local trainer.  We have programs in place to take over where you fall short.  Let’s take a look at some great team training exercises you can do with a friend or gym buddy that will keep you coming back for more!  

Partner Resistance Band Shuffle
Wrap resistance band around waist while partner holds taught.  Walk forward, side to side and backwards all the while with maximum tension in the resistance band.  This is a great, fun exercise to challenge the quads and glutes while simultaneously building on strength and power off the line for enhanced sports performance! 

Team Push-Ups
While both partners are head to head in push-up/plank position, 1st person does set number of push-ups all the while 2nd person maintains plank position.  At conclusion of 1st person’s set, the 2nd person does equal number of push-ups while 1st person holds plank position.  Alternate push-ups back and forth cutting the number of repetitions down by 2 until at zero.  Great for the pectorals and triceps while simultaneously challenging the core!

Partner Leg Raise
Partner performing the abdominal exercise lies flat on their back while holding their standing partners ankles.  Bring legs up together trying to keep them as straight as possible till toes point straight up.  Lower and repeat.  Great movement for abdominals and hip flexors!