Caponata Sweet and sour Sicilian eggplant relish.

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1 ea Eggplant diced 1”-Saute to golden brown
4 Celery stalks diced 1”- pan fry to golden brown
1/2 cup Green olives pitted, chopped
3ea Roasted green peppers, 1” dice

Agrodolce (sweet and sour)
Sugar ¼ C
Red wine Vinegar ¼ C

Combine in a small stainless steel pot.
Bring to a simmer over medium flame.
Cook until clear, about 4 minutes.

½ cup Extra virgin olive oil
Red pepper flakes

Combine sautéed eggplant, celery, roasted peppers and olives in a mixing bowl.
Add the Agrodolce and olive oil.
Season to taste with salt and crushed red pepper.

Tomato paste
Roasted tomatoes
Raisins and pine nuts
Sautéed Fennel and/or onions