Stash house; Grijalva threat indictment; Abuse verdict restored; Jeffs transferred

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A huge stash house was discovered at the edge of the Catalina foothills. Ice agents who staked out a home near Alvernon and River for several days Tuesday seized 7,200 pounds of marijuana. They found most of it inside an 18-foot trailer.

Two suspects who brought the trailer to the home fled and haven't been located.


A federal grand jury in Tucson has indicted a Phoenix man for threats that prompted congressman Raul Grijalva to shut down his Tucson and Yuma offices for a few days back in April.

Justin Haynes allegedly told Grijalva staffers over the phone he was going to come down and shoot Grijalva and them.

The 31-year-old reportedly was angry about Grijalva's stance on SB 1070.


They were acquitted of criminal charges two years ago, but now three judges have ruled the Pima county superior court judge who presided over the trial of Randall and Penny West made a mistake.

The couple faced charges of child abuse in 2008 following the death of their foster daughter, 16-month-old Emily Mays, who died from a brain injury. The West's claimed Emily fell accidentally and hit a changing table. A judge overturned their child abuse conviction, but it's now being reinstated by the Arizona court of appeals.


Once-powerful polygamous leader Warren Jeffs has been released from an Arizona jail. Jeffs was charged with crimes against children for allegedly arranging marriages between grown men and teenage brides.

Last week, a Mohave County judge dismissed all charges against Jeffs. Tuesday, he was transferred from a Kingman, Arizona jail to a Utah state prison. Jeffs was already convicted in Utah on similar charges.