Breezy, dry and sunny in the Valley, windy up north

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PHOENIX -- We’re looking at a dry, breezy day in the Valley and a downright windy day up north.

With the dryness and the high winds, a Red Flag Warning has been issues for the northern part of the state, starting at 10 a.m. That warning will remain in place through 8 p.m. Wind gusts of up to 55 mph hour are possible. Sustained winds will be in the 30- to 35-mph range.

Strong crosswinds may cause difficult driving conditions Wednesday, especially for high profile vehicles. The Department of Public Safety is advises drivers on Interstate 40 to exercise extra caution.

Highs in the Phoenix area are going to hover in area of 104 to 105 degrees over the next couple of days, through the weekend and into next week. Overnight lows will be right around 78, 79 and 80 degrees.