Jason's Deli taken over by corporate to re-open in Tucson

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It was gone one week. And back the next.

Jason's Deli abruptly shut its doors last week.  Now after a week of uncertainty, the restaurant's parent corporation stepped in and reopened it, and hired back most of it's employees.

It was a busy day for Jason's Deli, customers were flowing in and food was flying off the counter. It was like their first day open all over again.

"Right now I'm just running around and doing whatever they need me to do, it's just kind of insane right now," says employee Crystal Carbonneau.

The insanity came because the shop was reopening after the operator of both Tucson franchises unexpectedly shut the doors on customers a couple of weeks back, putting crystal and 85 other workers out of a job, "I was texting a friend from the other store and she said the deli's closing and i said i don't believe you. I wont believe it until i hear it from a manager."

Soon after a manager told her everything she heard was true. "I was in shell shock the whole weekend."

Monday we found out why the delis suddenly shut down. The franchisee was not meeting certain corporate standards. They were given a deadline to fix things and when they didn't, Jason's Deli said they would, without them. And everyone who was laid off was welcomed to come back.

And as a thank you to Tucson customers for sticking by the deli's side, they gave the first 1,000 sandwiches away for free.

"I think it's fantastic. I think it's really great. Lot of people out of jobs so I think its great they reopened again and gave everybody their job back," says a customer.

After nearly 2 weeks of uncertainty, Crystal was back as if she never missed a day, "I love everyone here, its the only job I've ever had and I don't know anything different."

The Broadway location is expected to open late this year or early next year. There's also talk of a third branch opening up.