Man involved in barricade situation with police from atop sushi restaurant

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Chaz Evans By Jennifer Thomas Chaz Evans By Jennifer Thomas

GLENDALE – A man who tried to take on police officers from atop a Glendale sushi restaurant is in jail after a dinner-time standoff that frightened customers.

It happened on Monday afternoon at 43rd and Olive avenues. Chefs and waitresses were just getting ready for the dinner rush when they say a strange man believed to be armed rushed into the restaurant, made it onto the roof and refused to come down.

The SWAT team surrounded the suspect after getting him into custody. His march down the ladder and into an ambulance was the finalé of a spectacle for customers.

Jetta Dupree and her 3-year-old son were finishing up an early dinner when they were rushed out of the restaurant. She says, “The waitress came up, I was paying my bill and she's like, ‘You gotta come out there's a bad man in the restaurant’, so she ran towards the back and we ran after her.”

By the time Dupree and her little boy got out, police had already surrounded the restaurant. She explains, “The policeman was at the door with his gun drawn already, so it was scary.”

Police got a 911 call from someone who claimed to have gotten into an altercation with the suspect at a nearby Wendy’s.

Officer Karen Gerardo, with Glendale police, tells 3TV, “The info we received is that this person may have a gun or a knife.”

By the time officers arrived, the suspect had run into the Koi Sushi restaurant, alarming employees and customers. He managed to get to the roof through an access point and stood on the slanted part of the roof refusing to come down until police finally convinced him to surrender.

The suspect has been identified as Chaz Evans, 28, of Phoenix.

Evans was transported from the scene at around 6:30 p.m. but the restaurant remained closed for hours as police combed the business for a weapon.