Worldwide protest of BP planned; Many take to Facebook to voice anger

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX - Cities across the country on Saturday will be taking part in a worldwide protest of BP.

Activists will speak out about what they call the oil company's irresponsibility.

For nearly two months, tens of millions of gallons of crude oil has leaked into the Gulf of Mexico and many people are turning to Facebook to boycott BP.

Users are posting messages and videos displaying their distrust with the company. People are also turning their anger into art.

There is an image of The Little Mermaid covered in crude under the sea. Spongebob Squarepants is also seen drowning in a pool of petroleum.

Even Aquaman's superpowers could not save him from the spill. One of the biggest targets is BP CEO Tony Hayward. One image portrays him as The Joker. Another has him authoring a Dr. Seuss book, "Two Fish, One Fish, Dead Fish, Brown Fish."

Hayward is also portrayed as Willy Wonka, standing beside an oily river.

Artists are also using animals affected by the spill to make their case. One image shows an Associated Press photo of a bird covered in sludge with the caption, “I would like to have my life back." Hayward recently said "I'd like my life back" during an interview.

Politicians are not spared either. One image shows Sarah Palin in oil up to her nose.

Another image shows President Obama's campaign logo in the form of a deadly slick.

Many people frustrated with the disaster are boycotting BP. The company's fuel is sold in the Valley at gas stations like ARCO and AM/PM but boycotting those places probably will not affect BP.

It will actually hurt local business owners, because BP does not own these gas stations, Independent franchises do.

In fact, Andrea Martincic, with the Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association, told 3TV by phone Friday, that more than 85 percent of the gas stations in Arizona are independently-owned.