Woman disappointed over Scottsdale dating service

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SCOTTSDALE - “Looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with?”

You may have seen the commercials from the nationwide dating service, Great Expectations.

It's a Scottsdale-based company that claims it can help you find the love of your life by becoming a member.

Alice Saland signed up for the website in February after what she claims was a high-pressure interview that lasted three hours.

“The woman who interviewed me was very convincing. She convinced me not only would I meet great, quality men, but there were more men than women,” she said.

Alice says she's too embarrassed to say exactly how much she paid to join, but past customers say they have paid thousands.

Alice tells us she was okay with spending that much because she believed becoming a member was an investment not only in her love life, but in her career as a personal trainer.

“And when I heard that I could promote myself as a trainer, because I haven't lived here that long, that excited me,” she explained.

But Alice says after all the build-up at her initial interview, she regretted joining Great Expectations.

Not only was it costly, but she says Great Expectations asked for more money for things like social events and photos.

She also claims the type of men on the dating website was misrepresented.

“The people I met were nice, they were just not what Geri had told me I would meet, and that's when I asked for my money back,” Alice said.

3 On Your Side has learned Great Expectations has come under fire because of customer complaints before.

The Arizona Attorney General's Office settled a lawsuit with the company for $500,000 in 2009, accusing the company of violating the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act.

“I looked at what they're accused of before, they're doing the same thing again,” Alice said.

Great Expectations tells 3 On Your Side that it has held up its end of the deal with Alice, and that as stated in the contract, Alice had three days to cancel her membership, and didn't.

The director for Great Expectations, Michael Buhler, says Alice chose their most expensive package, and that despite what she says, the website did successfully match her up with several men.

Alice says that's not true and believes people should think twice before paying a company to find them "love."

“They should have been shut down, they should be shut down and I should get my money back,” she said.