Valley auto sales website accused of ripping off customers

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PHOENIX - The 2006 Pontiac GTO in the driveway of Gary Short's Ohio home has a special place in his heart.

“5,570 miles on it and it was just my baby I guess,” he said.

With less than 14,000 models made in 2006, its final year of production, Gary considers the muscle car a classic.

That's why he says it was so tough for him to make the decision to sell it.

“The main reason I sold my car was because I was laid off and needed to get rid of it and need a little money to live on,” he said.

Gary began advertising the car on several websites, then says he got a call from a Valley company named

For $100, he says Auto Seller Network told him it would post his car on their website.

“They said too they got another deal that goes with that and if you give us an extra $399.99 and if we don't sell it within 90 days we'll refund the $399.99,” he said.

But that was more than six months ago.

When his car didn't sell, Gary says he tried to take advantage of the 90-day money back guarantee, but claims he hasn't received a dime and Auto Seller Network reportedly won't call him back.

“And they don't ever get back to you, it's always the same thing, leave your name and number customer service will get back to you,” Gary said.

3 On Your Side tried several times to contact Auto Seller Network.

We eventually went to their Phoenix address which turned out to be a post office box located inside a UPS store on Shea Boulevard.

Gary says he may be out $400.00, but by using another website he managed to sell his car to a Phoenix woman named Joann McCarty.

“At first he was a little skeptical to do business with us because of the fact that we were from Arizona, and what it's doing is making Arizona residents look bad in the eyes of other people,” Joann said.

Gary Short says he's learned a valuable lesson when it comes to using the internet to sell something like a car, and says he can't believe he got taken for $400.

“Just don't believe in Auto Seller Network because you'll probably get ripped off like I did,” he said.

Auto Seller Network has more than 100 complaints and an F-rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The B.B.B. also revoked the company's accreditation in December.