Sexual abuse allegations by two patients against Mesa doctor

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By Natalie Rivers By Natalie Rivers

MESA, Ariz. - An East Valley doctor is behind bars after two separate women claim they were sexually abused.

Mesa police arrested Dr. Gabrial Ogbonnaya on two counts of sexual abuse.

Both female victims told police Ogbonnaya, an Internal Medicine doctor who they went to see for general medical services, touched their breasts or vaginal areas.

On each occasion the women were shown to the treatment rooms where they met the doctor. Both women stated that the reason for their visits didn't require Ogbonnaya to examine those areas.

The two incidents happened a month apart and the women are not related. In both incidents the doctor tapped the women's vagina and told them they needed to have more sex.

Detectives believe there could be additional victims who may have come into contact with Ogbonnaya and are asking anyone who may be a victim or know a victim to contact the Mesa Police Department at 480-644-2211.

The following statement was sent by Ogbonnaya's lawyer:

Dr. Ogbonnaya - Media Statement - June 10, 2010
"My name is Jan M. Buescher
I am the attorney for Dr. Ogbonnaya
I’ll be making a statement today regarding the outrageous allegations against my Client
Dr. Ogbonnaya is a respected physician and has been for 19 years
We vehemently deny these allegations against Dr. Ogbonnaya
My Client is a law-abiding citizen who has never ever had any prior allegations whatsoever
Mesa Police Department has failed to fully investigate allegations prior to charging my Client
Based upon our information, the County Attorney has yet to even review the charges
The allegations giving rise to my Client’s arrest are so vague they are highly suspect
We have scant information at this time regarding the allegations
I can say that Dr. Ogbonnaya’s policy is to always always have his assistant in the room when examining patients thereby making the allegations even more suspect
Contrary to Mesa Police Department’s statement, we have reason to believe the victims do know each other
I cannot state emphatically enough that we believe this matter has not been properly or fully investigated
We are confident that once all of the facts are known, after a proper and thorough investigation, my Client will be found NOT GUILTY of any wrongdoing whatsoever
My Client and I thank you for the opportunity to make this statement"

Jan M. Buescher, Esq.