Jeffs charges dismissed; Renzi taps thrown out

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Polygamous sect leader warren Jeffs will be released from jail in a matter of days. Jeffs had been held in Arizona since February 2008. He's accused of arranging "spiritual marriages" between teenage girls and older men.

Wednesday afternoon a Mohave county judge granted prosecutors' motion to dismiss all charges against Jeffs *with prejudice.* That means he can never be tried for the same charges again.

Jeffs still must serve two consecutive sentences out of Utah for rape as an accomplice, and could face charges in Texas.

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A federal Tucson judge has decided to throw out evidence that would've been used in the corruption case against former Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi.

Investigators had collected recorded conversations between Renzi and lawyers representing him in other matters. Because they knowingly collected the wiretaps, the judge decided they can't be used against him.

Renzi faces criminal charges that include money laundering, insurance fraud, and racketeering.