Alleged gunman in officer's death was suspect in previous murder

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MIAMI, Ariz. – A man accused of killing a Gilbert police officer last January has been in serious trouble with the law before.

Before Lt. Eric Shuhandler was ever killed Christopher Redondo, 34, was a suspect in another murder. Friends say he became paranoid and worried that police were watching him or running surveillance on him.

“We miss him. We miss him so so much,” says Maria Yniguez. It has been almost a year since her 40-year-old brother Ernie Singh was shot and killed by a man she says he did not know.

“I know we all have to die some time but not like this. He didn’t have to die like this,” Yniguez says.

He died after a single gunshot to the face as he slept in his Miami, Arizona home. Redondo’s name surfaced as a suspect. While he did not know Singh, police say Redondo was jealous of a relationship Singh’s brother had with Redondo’s wife.

Police reports say Redondo was bragging about how he “blew up Ernie’s face.”

Yniguez says, “He’s worse than an animal. I couldn’t even call him an animal.”

Miami police say they did not have enough evidence to arrest Redondo.

Several months later he allegedly shot and killed Lt. Shuhandler in Gilbert. Soon after he was arrested police say his father led them to the gun used in Ernie’s murder and he was charged with that death, too.

Yniguez says, “We’re happy we got caught but it’s not gonna bring my brother back.”

Police report that after Singh’s murder Redondo started worshipping a demon god and even built a shrine for it. His friends say he formed multiple personalities and started talking to people who were not there.