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Dr. Terry L. Simpson, MD FACS - Lap Band Surgery
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Golfland/Sunsplash – Summer Camp at Mesa Golfland-Sunsplash
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Chef Tony Hamati, Bravo! Bistro
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Fort McDowell Casino - Countdown to Cash Promotion
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Nick Christe, Mountainside Fitness – A Menu In the Life of A Healthy Body
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Arizona Humane Society
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Pediatricians are not always right.
Fully 76 percent of children's doctors erroneously believe one or more of the "dangerous dozen" health myths.
That is the finding from a study of 5,000 board-certified American pediatricians  in primary care practice conducted by Dr. Andrew Adesman of the Children's Medical Center of New York.
Here are the dangerous dozen health myths--all are wrong--and the percentage of pediatricians  who believe they are true:
1. It is safe to put an infant to sleep on his side. (32.6 percent)
2. Aspirin may be used to treat a fever in children above the age of 5 years. (5.2 percent)
3. Teething sometimes causes high fevers. (2.4 percent)
4. Ice baths can be used to bring down a high fever in young children. (5.3 percent)
5. Chickenpox is not contagious before the rash appears. (6.0 percent)
6. Since colds are respiratory viruses, they are not often spread by contact with infected body parts or surfaces. (8.2 percent)
7. Honey may be given to babies under 6 months of age. (2.8 percent)
8. If a child has a seizure >, place a soft object (such as a wallet) into his mouth to prevent choking or biting of the tongue. (4.6 percent)
9. To prevent ear wax build-up, parents should carefully clean the ear canals with a cotton swab after a bath when the wax is softest. (4.7 percent)
10. Rubbing alcohol > is not absorbed through a baby's skin. (31.5 percent)
11. The best way to stop a bloody nose is to tilt the head back. (1.8 percent)
12. Foods such as raw vegetables, whole grapes and hot dogs do not pose potential choking hazards for children 3 and under. (1.7 percent)