Getaway driver talks about night Lt. Shuhandler's was killed

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GILBERT – Audio released by police reveals an emotional reaction from one of the men charged with a deadly attack on a Gilbert police officer earlier this year.

The suspected getaway driver talks about what happened when Lt. Eric Shuhandler was shot and killed.

In police interviews, the driver of that getaway car says Lt. Shuhandler was nice and polite when he pulled them over. In fact, he says Lt. Shuhandler never even threatened them but the officer ended up dead and his gun never left his holster.

Daimen A. Irizarry is heard on the audio saying, “The next thing I know, and I just heard a pop.”

The interview with Irizarry was conducted at the hospital hours after police say he was involved in the deadly shooting of the Gilbert police officer.

Lt. Shuhandler had stopped Irizarry for an obstructed license plate. Irizarry is heard saying on the audio, “He's like just sit right there for right now. He goes, I'll be back.”

Shuhandler was running information when Irizarry says he heard the pop. When the officer asks, “After you heard the pop, what happened then?” Irizarry admits, “I freaked out. It was like an instinct, I just went.”

The father of four, who says he was high on methamphetamine, led police on a 40-minute chase.

Investigators say his passenger, Christopher Redondo, had shot Lt. Shuhandler in the head.

Irizarry is heard saying, “I called my dad and told him, ‘Where you at? Come and get me. I don't know what's going on. I need help’."

Frank Vela, Irizarry's stepfather says, “Just by his voice, I knew something was up, just the way he was talking. He goes, ‘Dad, Christopher freaked out’."  

The two eventually ran out of gas and police arrested them after shooting them in the legs. Officers tried to talk to Redondo in the hospital but he only said, “If I'm under arrest then I need a lawyer.”

Redondo refused to comment. Police reports say he is a convicted felon who was also involved in meth. People who knew him say he has always been strange and, even as a kid, people were scared of him.

Redondo now faces the death penalty. Irizarry has been charged with aggravated assault.