Tucson man allegedly responsible for several crashes in three days

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The story ends at UMC. Roy McCormick drove to University Medical Center Monday afternoon to pick up his wife. He made it there in one piece. But police tell us he caused a lot of problems in the process.

At Speedway and Tucson Boulevard, police got a report of a hit and run accident. Turns out it was, that and then some.

Sgt. Fabian Pacheco of the Tucson Police Department describes the reports of his driving, "He rear ended the vehicle, backed up, and hit a second time.  Sped across the intersection where he T-boned a second vehicle.  The elderly driver backed up, hit it, hit that vehicle a couple times.  The tires were squealing.  he was trying to push that car out of the way."

The damage didn't stop there. He crashed into another car.

"A car hauler, larger semi tractor trailer in the process a pedestrian was nearly hit as well," explains Pacheco.

Monday wasn't the first time he'd been in a crash.

"The individual identified as Ray McCormick, 81 years of age, is the same individual that was involved in a collision on Saturday," says Sgt. Pacheco.

Saturday he crashed into a wall at this east side Octopus car wash; pinning a 71-year-old woman against a wall. He broke both of her legs. He told police he lost control of his car while having a seizure. He had a different explanation for Monday's crashes.

"He alleges that he blacked out, he was not aware that any of this had happened."

"No serious injuries.  Just a lot of property damage and a lot of scared people."

McCormick was driving a rental car Monday after he crashed his car on Saturday. He faces three counts of leaving the scene of an accident. And police are now working on revoking his drivers license.