Woman says washer and dryer she ordered online arrived in horrible condition

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A Valley woman ordered a washer and dryer from an online company and she got a washer and dryer, however, the condition of the two appliances was horrible.

Amy Webster is expecting her first child and with a growing family comes more laundry. It's the very reason why she decided to buy a new washer and dryer.

"Expecting my first child, people say you need something with a large capacity because you're going to be doing laundry like crazy," she said.

So Webster went online and eventually came across a website called rainbowappliance.com where she says she found the perfect washer and dryer.

"Usually this washer and dryer is about $1,500 and I was able to get it for around $950, so it was a great deal," Webster said.

With a deal like that, Webster entered her debit card number and ordered the appliances. Within a week or so a delivery company delivered two big boxes, but Webster said the delivery men were not willing to wait around for her to inspect the merchandise.

"I decided that I was going to at least look inside and make sure it's a washer and dryer and make sure it's the right color, so I did open the top and kind of peered down," Webster said.

At first glance everything seemed fine but when the delivery men left and she started unpacking it, her heart sank.

"This foam piece was covering it and then I was able to remove it and it completely showed the damage," she said.

Webster discovered major dents, not just a few, but dents literally all over both appliances. In fact, the damage is so bad Webster can't even close the washer door.

"When it came it was a wreck," she said. "It looked like it had fallen off the back of the truck. I was so let down. I was so devastated."

Webster said she immediately e-mailed Rainbow Appliance, but they told her she should have inspected the appliances before she accepted delivery.

"I inspected it to the best of my ability, but unfortunately the damage was concealed," she said.

Rainbow Appliance offered to send Webster a new panel, saying that's all she really needed.

Apparently, Rainbow Appliance doesn't understand how badly the appliances were damaged so Webster contacted 3 On Your Side and we got a hold of the company, which is located in New Jersey.

Now, Rainbow Appliance refused to speak with 3 On Your Side over the telephone, but through an e-mail, they did agree to look into the matter and get back to us.

After several e-mails to them, they never did get back with us. It may not be surprising because the Better Business Bureau gives them the worst rating available, an "F," mainly because they've racked up nearly 100 complaints from consumers.

Webster says she wishes she would have known that before handing Rainbow Appliance nearly a thousand bucks and all she has to show for it are appliances that look like they fell from a three-story building.

"I paid for new items and I got ruined items," she said. "I got items that look like somebody's old trash."

A reminder, if you do business over the Internet, use your credit card because credit cards give you protection, debit cards do not.