5-Year-old dies from gunshot; Near drowning; House fire; Teacher arrested for sexual misconduct with student

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A five year old girl has died after accidentally shooting herself in the chest.

According to northwest fire district, Reese Hotten and her mother were visiting a friend Sunday afternoon on Soledad avenue when the little girl found a loaded gun, and shot herself. She was taken to the local hospital in extremely serious condition, then died a short time later. Firefighters say this is a tragic lesson for parents to be aware of potential dangers not only at your home, but also those of friends and family.


An 8-year-old boy had very a close call while swimming Sunday afternoon.

He nearly drowned in the pool at a complex near 22nd Street and Craycroft during a birthday party. Firefighters say the boy was swimming, swallowed water, and started choking. This is the second near drowning in less than a month. Here's another warning from firefighters -- parents -- please watch children around water at all times.


As firefighters were responding to that near drowning, there was a house fire.

Near Golf Lnks and Harrison. The damage was pretty bad. The car port and laundry room were destroyed. Four people live in the home. Two were home when the house caught fire. Firefighters haven't determined yet how the fire started. Everyone in the house at the time made it out safely.


Police say a teacher at Catalina High School is behind bars for having sex with one of his students.

Detectives arrested 31-year-old Thomas Saul Saturday night. Tucson police say Saul had sex with a 17-year-old student-- in his classroom-- several times. An investigation started after the mother of the girl found inappropriate on-line conversations between Saul and her daughter. The girl has admitted to having a sexual relationship with Saul. Saul is being held at the Pima County adult detention center.  He faces five counts of sexual conduct with a minor, and one count of luring a minor for sexual exploitation.