Two men shot to death in volatile area near Casa Grande

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PINAL COUNTY -- Deputies are investigating an apparent double homicide near milepost 150 on Interstate 8, which is west of Casa Grande.

According to Lt. Tamatha Villar of the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, a call came in late Sunday night from a man who said he and a friend had been shot out in the desert.

This is the same general area where Deputy Louis Puroll was shot, allegedly by drug smugglers, more than a month ago.

The communications center lost when cell service apparently dropped out. Crews were sent out to try and locate the caller. Those searchers found the bodies of two men who had been shot to death. Detectives had to wait for daylight before they could begin their investigation.

Villar said that area is a "primary corridor for human and drug smuggling" and that unfortunately the deadly shooting is "not something that's completely unexpected given the volatility of the area right now."

Information is still quite limited and the investigation is ongoing.