Hundreds protest school officials' decision to alter mural of kids in Prescott

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PRESCOTT – A mural in Prescott that has been at the center of some controversy will now be restored to its original state.

Saturday morning hundreds of people protested the decision by Miller Valley Elementary School officials to lighten the skin color of a student depicted on the mural.

The art was painted with the purpose of promoting “green” transportation but some residents have been outspoken and calling the mural “tacky and pathetic."

City Councilman Steve Blair was fired from his radio show after he questioned the diversity of the area and verbally asked why the students were African American.

School officials have now asked the artists who worked on the painting to change the mural.

Kevin Kapp says, “They did that because, honestly, they didn't like the way, it just didn’t look right. They wanted the kid to look like he's having sunshine on his face, like he's bursting out into the open. Well the timing of that decision was probably not the best.”

Officials say they decided to reverse the decision on Saturday. The parts of the mural that have been altered will be changed to their original state.