Cabbie allegedly drags deputy in Scottsdale; Suspect's husband speaks out

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

SCOTTSDALE – A sheriff's deputy is in the hospital after police say a taxi driver dragged him with his car in Scottsdale.

Police say the suspect was blocking traffic in Old Town during peak hours late Friday night. When he failed to move, a deputy tried to arrest him but the deputy wound up with some serious injuries.

It happened outside Myst nightclub in Scottsdale. Sgt. Mark Clark, with Scottsdale, police, tells 3TV, “He's got some pretty serious injuries, a big cut to the back of his head and we think his leg got run over. There were some tire marks on his pants.”

As the deputy recovers in the hospital, the driver, identified as 36-year-old Jeremey Jensen, is behind bars.

Scottsdale police say Jensen was in his cab at around 11 p.m. parked the wrong way on the wrong side of the street and obstructing traffic when sheriff's deputies working for Myst reportedly asked him to move multiple times.

Jensen did not comply and the deputy, who was in full Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office uniform, reached into Jensen's car to attempt to arrest him.

Sgt. Clark explains, “The deputy's recollection is the driver grabbed his arm, his hand was caught up in the driver’s shirt and the driver chose to take off, dragging the deputy with his arm about 120 feet.”

The deputy broke free but Jensen allegedly kept driving until police caught up with him a couple of blocks away at the intersection of Scottsdale and Camelback Roads and took him into custody.

Jensen's husband, Christopher, says he got the phone call this morning and thinks there is more to the story. He tells 3TV, “He would not intentionally grab a police officer’s hands and drag him down the road.”

The suspect is a local computer service business owner by day and drives cabs for VIP taxis, both as a way to help ends meet and keep drunk drivers off the roads, says his husband.

“Jeremy has said many times that police officers and taxi drivers do the same thing - take drunks off the if the officer was in uniform I don’t think he would have intentionally grabbed his arm and started driving.”

Jensen is facing a variety of felony charges ranging from hit and run to aggravated assault on a police officer.