Pitbull involved in 3 attacks put down as owner makes tearful apology

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.  – The dog responsible for three bloody attacks in one year on other dogs has been put down and his owner is now saying he is sorry.

The dog's owner appeared in court Friday to face criminal charges for his role in those attacks.

Jared Doggett is facing two misdemeanor charges, dog at large and no dog license. He was cited in mid-May after his dog, Dopey, got loose, ran over to nearby Chaparral Park and attacked a border collie named Sydney.

Pamela Wheeler says they needed to use a tire iron to pry Dopey off her dog. Sydney barely survived the attack, running up a vet bill of more than $10,000. Sydney was not the only puppy to fall victim to Dopey.

In December a poodle was killed when it ran up to the pit bull and, a little less than a year ago, Barkley was attacked while he was being walked through Chaparral Park.

Dopey owner says, “Unfortunately he had the misfortune of being born that type of dog. He is a good dog. He is just not good with other dogs."

After court Doggett talked about how sorry he was for all the attacks. He says, “To everyone out there I am sorry about the trouble."

Right after the latest attack, Doggett was ordered to put Dopey down. He says, “There's no more reason for people to be in fear for their dogs any more. He is gone and I am sorry I didn’t control him better."

There is nothing under Arizona state law that covers dog-on-dog attacks but some of Dopey's victims are now trying to change that.

Dopey was only put down because he bit a person during the first attack.