Injured Gila monster makes a trip to the dentist

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz -- An injured Gila monster had to be treated by a veteranary dentist after being rescued earlier this week.

Megan Mosby, Executive Director of the Liberty Wildlife  Rehabilitation Foundation explains, “He came in with a broken jaw. His mouth was not functioning and it was smooshed.”

Mosby says the venomous lizard most likely received it's injuries after being hit by an off-road vehicle. She and others at Liberty Wildlife are trying to patch him up.  

"He had a trip to the dentist a week ago and we have the x-rays to prove it,” Mosby says.  The x-rays show both sides of the lizard's lower jaw was fracutred. 

The lizard's jaw was realigned and wired shut, which means that while it heals, there will be no meals.

"Gila monsters live off the fat in their tail and he came in pretty healthy so he has a while to go before he needs to be fed" said Mosby.  If the healing process takes longer than expected, the Gila monster will be tube fed.