Man shot in legs after cashing paycheck

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PHOENIX – The search is on for the person who shot a Phoenix man outside his workplace.

He was shot two weeks ago at a check cashing business in Phoenix right after he cashed his very first check.

The 27-year-old victim lost two liters of blood before he ever got to the hospital. Doctors thought he might lose his leg. He has lost all feeling in his foot and doctors are unsure if he will ever get that back but he says he is just happy he is alive.

The victim, who did not want to reveal his identity, explains, “It went through my leg, hit a main artery and it came out." He adds, “I gave him everything. I gave him everything and he still shot me."

He had just moved to Phoenix from Chicago and had just cashed his first pay check and he was walking back to his place of business. He explains, “A guy just approached me and was like give me everything you got." The victim says he followed the man's demands. "I gave him my watch and my bracelet first and he was like give me everything, then I gave him my phone and was like ‘That's all I got’ and he was like ‘Give me the money, I know ya'll just cashed ya'll check’."

The victim gave the robber the check but he still ended up in the hospital. “I felt a bullet hit my leg, you know, I stumbled a little bit…and then when I felt a second bullet hit me, I fell over and when I fell over I was like ‘Ah I'm hit’."

He had been shot in both legs. “I didn't know how many times I got shot because he shot at least four or five times.” The bullets went completely through, severing a main artery. The victim explains, “They took an artery out of my right leg, and put it in my left leg."

Now police are looking for the suspect and the victim is trying to look at the positive side of things. "I'm glad I'm alive. I feel really blessed."

The victim still has to go through some more surgeries including a skin graft.