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I love being able to do these segments that allow me to try new products out there and report my results. Hey, someone’s gotta do it!

Usually, I head to the “As Seen on TV” aisle at my local store but this time I kept seeing new concepts simply mainstreamed into the stores that intrigued me.  So, I’ve been giving them the “road test” over the last month or so and I’m ready to report.

I adore trying new things.  I have to admit I’m probably a bit obsessive about it all because my mind immediately goes to questions like – What problem does this solve?  What were they thinking? Is this worth the money?  And of course, Why didn’t I think of that???????

To be honest, most things that actually make it to market have SOME redeeming value.  The question remains, is it worth my hard-earned money to invest in something new.  And, I’m talking sometimes a couple of bucks here.  But, hey, every dollar counts right?

This time, I liked most of the items I found recently.  So it’s up to you to decide if the added cost equals the added benefit.

Here are are the details on the latest and greatest:

Kleenex Hand Towels
Available at most grocery stores.  Found at Safeway.  Approx. $2.50 for 60 towels.

Hefty Fresh Extend
Available at all grocery retailers.  Look for coupons online. 

Dish Drying Gloves
Found at Bed Bath and Beyond for $4.99.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
Anti-Chip Top Coat
Found at CVS.  About the same price as a nail polish.

Peas Cold Therapy
Found at CVS.

McCormick Spice kits
Available in the spice aisle at grocery stores. 

Moon Pies Baking Sheet
Available where Wilton baking products are sold.
Found at:
Oakville Grocery Company
15015 N. Scottsdale Road.

Again,  I love trying out new stuff and especially fun to do it you all in mind.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve labored over the decision whether to try something or not.  Hopefully this helps a little as you ponder a product in the middle of aisle 7!

I love doing it!

Live and Learn.