New facility opens for homeless Phoenix vets

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PHOENIX -- Dozens of Phoenix veterans have a new place to call home today.

The Madison Street Veterans Association (MSVA) on Friday dedicated a new facility, transitional housing run by homeless and formerly homeless vets. The housing community, which opened on May 1, is designed to get veterans out of the Men's Overflow Shelter.

"The morale of a person who has no choice but to sleep on the floor of an old warehouse building - it's just really hard to maintain a positive image about yourself and your life when you have to walk into that kind of an environment," said Terry Araman, MSVA's program director in a news release.

"Veterans, homeless or otherwise, have served their country,and therefore embody the moral authority that comes with anyone who answers the call to service," said Araman, a Vietnam vet. "Our circumstances in life may change, but our commitment to serve our country and our community is for a lifetime."

Tess Rafols was at the ceremony.