KMSB "Nogales SCC Profiles, Tuesday-Friday, 6/22/10-6/25/10, 6:55 AM

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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Jo Ann Reyes, SW Fair Housing Council, says during Tuesday's discussion, that fair housing laws give everyone the right to live wherever they choose and can afford. She says the law prohibits discrimination based on race, color, sex, disability, etc. She says all types of housing are included in the law, from single family homes to apartments to mobile homes. She says if a realtor or rental agent has refused to sell, rent or show you available housing,you may be a victim of housing discrimination. On Wednesday's show, she says laws prevent landlords, sellers, lenders and insurance agents from discriminating against you. She says the Council offers such services as investigation, initiating complaints and conducting education and outreach. During Thursday's interview, Reyes says included are conferences, training programs and seminars to inform housing professionals about fair housing laws.  Also, she says, the Council informs and advises community residents of their fair housing rights. On Friday's show, Reyes says some of the more common housing discrimination complaints include being denied an apartment because of race, age or having children under age 18. She says laws also preclude discrimination against a person due to physical or mental disabilities. She says says the Council has satellite offices in Nogales, at 124 N. Terrace Avenue and at 490 W. Chenoweth.