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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Jerry Misner and Stan Wald, Producers, Southern Exposure, a three hour documentary on illegal immigration in Arizona.

Misner says they started out with no opinions whatsoever.  He says most of the illegal immigrants that are coming across are good people. Unfortunately, he says, there's an increasing percentage of illegals crossing the border into the U.S. that are felons.  He says he and Stan went along with the Border Patrol, Minutemen groups, and humanitarian groups to document all aspects of illegal immigration. 

Wald says there were many surprises, such as the number of illegals crossing into the U.S. from countries known to support terrorism.  He says there are over 300 such detainees in the State Prison in Florence right now. He says the documentary starts with historical background, continues to the present situation and culminates with some viable solutions to the problems from lawmakers and citizens.

Misner says they originally intended to make two separate hour-long documentaries, one from the standpoint of the humanitarians and the other from the standpoint of the citizen activist groups.  But, he says they quickly realized that these two stories really should be merged and could be told in such a way that is fair and balanced and even-handed in showing both sides of the issue, and let the viewer determine for themselves when given the facts and figures and dialogue.  He says we went into this documentary in search of an answer. Arizona’s SB 1070 is one of those answers.