Pet of the Day - Ezra

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Control #: 664475 - 1.5 Years Old - Shepherd Mix - Female

Meet our connoisseur of dog toys. Ezra has been a squeaky toy enthusiast for as long as she can remember and dreams of one day amassing a fine collection of priceless playtime pieces of her very own. This outgoing and entertaining Shepherd mix would love to demonstrate her love of all things fun with an invitation to rendezvous in the play yard. Once you meet Ezra, you’ll see that she’s incredibly affectionate, sociable, and excited to start enjoying the good life. Although not much is known about Ezra’s past, since she was picked up as a stray by a neighboring shelter, we do know that Ezra would make a great match for anyone seeking an active and lighthearted canine companion. Ezra not only has good taste in toys, but is also an expert judge when it comes to good people…and Ezra thinks you look like fun! Please meet this go-getter today to see if you’re the playmate Ezra has been waiting for