Hot looks! Rolled jeans and pants

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This is proof!

Proof that every trend comes back around.  And, they come back around sooner than we’d expect.

Think M.C. Hammer – the '80s –pants, harem-style, tight at the ankles – Can’t Touch That!!

Well, it’s back big time.  And since "Sex and the City 2" came out with its Middle Eastern flair there’s no stopping it for a while at least.  So best to learn how to do it here in 2010.

The Do and Don’t photos say a lot – the new hems are rolled not cuffed and if you watch the segment you’ll see there’s an easy way to “tight roll” your pants.  Wider, straight-legged jeans or pants work best but you can pull off a slight boot cut.

Just remember to keep it all about 3 inches above the ankle for women and to the top of the shoe for men. 

The Shoes

I truly believe that part of the inspiration for this style lies grounded in the shoes.  We’re seeing these statement shoes all the way up to the ankle that beg to be seen – or better yet – to be the star of any outfit.  These rolled pants showcase the shoes instead of keeping them hidden under a long trouser. 

Practice the roll technique, it’s easy and can work with a lot of your pants in your existing wardrobe.  Even an outfit like the jumpsuit I wore, can easily be updated with this look and the pairing of a great shoe. 

So go for it.

Live and Learn.